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The Director and Task Setter are still in awe that they managed to get 7/8 days out of the 9 days they had despite the weather they were given.

The director for the 2015 Regionals is Tim Jenkinson, the dates for the competition have yet to be decided... We look foreward to seeing everyone on the grid next year

14:07 on Mon 25th August

That's it - all the finishers are now back!

16:39 on Sun 24th August

Prize giving will be at 6pm in the glider hangar, BBQ to start at approx. 7pm

16:23 on Sun 24th August

And the finishers are all arriving back.

15:18 on Sun 24th August

We have a couple of land outs including another visit for the tug to Thame airfield.

14:52 on Sun 24th August

Blue Overall after day 7 2014-08-24

PosComp NoPilotPoints
11136Melissa Jenkins3192
21603Nigel Perren3064
30422Paul Gentil2324
40HCQMalcolm Birch2243
50KMFDaniel Jamin2188
60803Alex Hippel2010
71LCWilliam Parker1786
81KEJRobert John1375
91KACMike Stringer1267
101795Paul Candler1255
110143Sally Walker785
120JEVRichard Hypher715
H/C566Tom Russell449
130JEREdward Morris0
130TB2Peter Brown0
151EVYKen France-48
161328Lloyd Roberts-169
results uploaded at 00:16 on Thu 11th September

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Red Overall after day 8 2014-08-24

PosComp NoPilotPoints
10K8Andrew Roch5257
2073Mark Newland-Smith5197
31HKYMark Davis4563
42ABAndrew Brown4413
524MMark Burton4395
63CXTim Jenkinson4070
70A5Andrew Sampson3986
83CBBen Crook3981
94HBBBob Tandy3627
100L8Francis Russell3410
110161Jan Mccoshim3373
120GPGeoff Payne3154
131LGCRob Brimfield2925
141N5Martin Smith2590
150HMKRobin Hodge2271
160H4Paul Whipp1825
170KNVGraham Pursey1119
180SIDavid White901
190963Paul Rackham465
H/CD7Aidan Paul0
results uploaded at 00:16 on Thu 11th September

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