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Morning all. Grid before briefing SW run. Brifeing at 11:00am. Yes that is a change from previous days!

08:31 on Sun 2nd August

Morning all. Grid before briefing SW run. Anticipate Reds first. 

08:14 on Sat 1st August

Blues are going first today - first possible launch is at 11:00am.

10:22 on Fri 31st July

If you requested a T-shirt earlier THIS WEEK in a specific size, these are now in Control, so please come and collect it.

09:53 on Fri 31st July

Evening everyone, before going for dinner the Met Man and Tug Master were getting quite excited about tomorrow therefore, as briefed this morning:

Briefing will be at 09:58:45am, Rig and Grid before briefing, for a change, if everyone could do that, I am sure the organisation would appreciate it. :)

19:53 on Thu 30th July