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Morning all. Grid before briefing SW run. Brifeing at 11:00am. Yes that is a change from previous days!

08:31 on Sun 2nd August

Morning all. Grid before briefing SW run. Anticipate Reds first. 

08:14 on Sat 1st August

Blues are going first today - first possible launch is at 11:00am.

10:22 on Fri 31st July

If you requested a T-shirt earlier THIS WEEK in a specific size, these are now in Control, so please come and collect it.

09:53 on Fri 31st July

Evening everyone, before going for dinner the Met Man and Tug Master were getting quite excited about tomorrow therefore, as briefed this morning:

Briefing will be at 09:58:45am, Rig and Grid before briefing, for a change, if everyone could do that, I am sure the organisation would appreciate it. :)

19:53 on Thu 30th July

Blue Overall after day 6 2015-08-02

PosComp NoPilotPoints
10DETom Gooch4075
20566Justin Craig3888
31615Mike Tomlinson3823
41HCQMalcolm Birch3603
50803Alex Hippel3412
60422Paul Gentil3215
71795Paul Candler3003
81603Nigel Perren2850
91EMEdward Morris2718
103503Patryk Halczak2479
110143Sally Walker2350
121980Andy Zuchora1982
131LCWilliam Parker1759
140N30Richard Hypher1634
150KDXPatrick Greer804
160LS3Ken France738
170136Melissa Jenkins494
180BZSteven Hardy53
190828David Adams-543
results uploaded at 20:30 on Sun 2nd August

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Red Overall after day 7 2015-08-02

PosComp NoPilotPoints
10430Stefan Astley5212
21TB2Rhoan Birch5171
31YOJon Gatfield4933
40218Peter Hurd4768
52T6Mark Newland-Smith4626
60A5Andrew Sampson4519
714MMark Burton4362
81HKYMark Davis4348
92ABAndrew Brown4261
100906Bill Craig4202
116M2Team Cook, Johnston, Watt4014
120K8Andrew Roch3968
130161Dave Byass Jan McCoshim3855
143HBBBob Tandy3603
151LGCClaudia Hill3594
165N5Martin Smith3333
179GPGeoff Payne3080
184V5Peter Sheard3065
193HMKRobin Hodge3059
203170Guy Corbett3051
213D7Aidan Paul3044
227CBBen Crook3024
235SIDavid White3009
245963Ken Woods2821
251L8Francis Russell2816
266H4Paul Whipp2686
270KNVGraham Pursey2576
283209Mike Stringer2479
291601John Spencer1038
301KVNick Jennings911
results uploaded at 21:31 on Sun 2nd August

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