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Correction - briefing is now at 10.30am.

08:56 on Sun 7th August

Good morning,

Briefing at 10am, grid before briefing, SW run.

Thank you.

08:24 on Sun 7th August

Saturday 6th August

Good Morning

Today briefing is at 1000am in the tug hangar.

Gridding is on the SW run.

Members who are flying today please grid behind the Red class.

When the Reds have launched please move your gliders into position. You will be launched after the Blues have gone.

Thank you


08:47 on Sat 6th August

Friday 5th August 2016

Good Morning

Briefing is in the tug hangar at 1000am

Please grid before briefing which is on the SW run.


Thank you

08:31 on Fri 5th August

Blue and Red classes have started.

Quite a few landouts in the blue class.

15:30 on Thu 4th August