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Well... with 3 weeks to go before the start of the competition things are starting to get interesting at Dunstable. The director is sorting out prizes, his IT guy has sorted the presentations and before the 18th it is planned for the director and one of his minions to mark out the camping area for our visitors and those who are too cool to commute every day.

Menu's for the food in the restaurant will soon be published as well as opening times.

Unfortunatly we are currently full with 50 gliders, we are looking into the possibility of having a few more enter.

So for those who have not yet completed registration please do so as we would love to see you fly with us. Remember, for Juniors you get a 50% discount on the entry fee!

18:45 on Sat 4th July

Welcome to the 2015 Dunstable Regionals!

We have two classes, Red for glders with a handicap of 98 or higher, and Blue for gliders with a handicap less than 100. This ensures that appropriate tasks are set! 

The Entry fee is 180, or 90 for Juniors and if you register soon you'll be in for a chance to win a flight in the BA Simulator.

06:29 on Thu 29th January