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Correction - briefing is now at 10.30am.

08:56 on Sun 7th August

Good morning,

Briefing at 10am, grid before briefing, SW run.

Thank you.

08:24 on Sun 7th August

Saturday 6th August

Good Morning

Today briefing is at 1000am in the tug hangar.

Gridding is on the SW run.

Members who are flying today please grid behind the Red class.

When the Reds have launched please move your gliders into position. You will be launched after the Blues have gone.

Thank you


08:47 on Sat 6th August

Friday 5th August 2016

Good Morning

Briefing is in the tug hangar at 1000am

Please grid before briefing which is on the SW run.


Thank you

08:31 on Fri 5th August

Blue and Red classes have started.

Quite a few landouts in the blue class.

15:30 on Thu 4th August

Blue Overall after day 5 2016-08-06

PosComp NoPilotPoints
11615Mike Tomlinson2970
21980Andy Zuchora2852
31803Alex Hippel2827
41FGPPeter Carter2716
52HCQMalcolm Birch2632
60LCWilliam Parker2078
72KMFDaniel Jamin1963
84566Justin Craig1865
91HCVClement Allen1701
101795Paul Candler1593
111603Nigel Perren1526
121N30Richard Hypher1477
136422Paul Gentil1447
141136Melissa Andersson1304
H/CO8Liam Bennett667
W143Sally Walker430
160EMEdward Morris290
H/CLS3Ken France0
results uploaded at 17:33 on Sun 7th August

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Red Overall after day 8 2016-08-07

PosComp NoPilotPoints
12A5Andrew Sampson5374
20T6Mark Newland-Smith5358
324MMark Burton5172
407XSteve Woolcock4811
50B8Bob Tandy4768
61ESTony Hughes4645
71HKYmark davis4639
81GPGeoff Payne4261
91170Guy Corbett Ryan Berry3863
100CBBen Crook3553
110HBBWarren Kay3366
120K8Andrew Roch3311
130Z1Tom Gooch3082
142SHAidan Paul2837
151KNVAlan Harrison2686
161H4Paul Whipp2621
170N5Martin Smith1976
180L8Francis Russell1870
190347Geoff Glazebrook1756
200161Jan McCoshim1496
-10963Paul Rackman1142
210721Matthew Hall576
220209Mike Stringer394
results uploaded at 03:25 on Mon 15th August

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