Day 6: Unofficial

Results were uploaded on Mon 14th August at 23:58:59.
LBZ-Leighton Buzzard NE, ABN-Abingdon Bridge, OXM-Oxford M40 Services, STS-Stony Stratford, MURsley, DUNstable Airfield. 
Regionals / AAT, Contest Wind 2 degs/8 kts Y distance = 105.0 km Day Speed Points = 564, Day Distance Points = 436
Pos PilotStartFinishDuration ActualH/CapDay PointsOverallTotal Pointsstatus
173Rhoan Birch
ASW28 (15m) (100.0)
13:3917:2203:4392.8kph94.8kph1000 01900
2HCQMalcolm Birch
Std. Libelle (15m) (89.0)
13:2117:1203:5080.4kph92.7kph962 01904
3LGCPeter Hurd
Duo Discus (20m) (101.0)
13:2316:5603:3390.3kph91.3kph937 21797
4803Alex Hippel
Discus (15m) (98.0)
13:3417:0803:3483.5kph87.0kph861 11  1967
5347Geoff Glazebrook
LS6 (15m) (101.0)
13:5117:2303:3284.7kph85.7kph837 01710
6LCWilliam Parker
Discus (15m) (98.0)
13:1316:4503:3179.7kph83.1kph791 21582
7H4Paul Whipp
ASW28 (15m) (100.0)
13:3517:0403:2881.2kph82.2kph774 31285
8S4LSally Walker
LS4 (15m) (96.0)
13:2317:0003:3774.8kph79.7kph731 21269
9795Paul Candler
LS7 (15m-w) (97.5)
13:5117:1403:2276.7kph77.4kph689 31565
10SIRupert Puritz
Duo Discus (20m) (101.0)
13:2116:5903:3866.1kph66.8kph500 13  2815
11JWAndy Zuchora
LS8 (15m) (100.0)
15:0319:0103:5857.9kph59.1kph432 10  11051
12721Matthew Hall
LS6 (15m) (101.0)
13:3216:2102:4859.9kph48.3kph311 31129
13603Nigel Perren
Discus (15m-w) (98.5)
13:3817:1803:4080.0kph83.2kph292 12  4966 -500 points
O8Liam Bennett
ASW15 (15m) (89.0)
Grid / Launched

Speeds are based on reported start and finish times and handicap/windicap. Distances are based on reported L/O coordinates & TPs and are windicapped

Points are based on the current situation, assuming that all gliders still flying will finish
For AATs all Speeds and Distances assume that you turn the turnpoint rather than the sector - in the case of sectors that don't cover the turnpoint they will be incorrect.
If your information is incorrect please contact control to have it corrected.
Fastest possible speeds are calculated based on the glider finishing at the time this page was reloaded. They don't display over 130kph

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