Day 5: Preliminary

Pos PilotStartFinishDuration ActualH/CapDay PointsOverallTotal Pointsstatus
170Guy Corbett
Lak17AT (109.0)
Not Launched
51Jeremy Pack
ASG29Es (111.0)
11  27
Not Launched
601John Spencer
ASG29E (111.0)
Not Launched
73Malcolm Birch
ASW 28 (103.0)
15  1
Not Launched
8TSteve Woolcock
LS 8T/18m (106.0)
Not Launched
A5Andrew Sampson
ASG29 (111.0)
13  6
Not Launched
CBBen Crook
Ventus bT (104.0)
15  1
Not Launched
GPGeoff Payne
ASW27B (104.0)
Not Launched
HHHelen Hingley
HPH 304S Shark (110.0)
10  36
Not Launched
HKYMark Davis
Discus (103.0)
Not Launched
K8Andrew Roch
LS8-18 (106.0)
12  9
Not Launched
L8Francis Russell
LS6-18W (107.0)
Not Launched
LFPaul Whipp
ASG 29/18m (111.0)
Not Launched
N5Martin Smith
ASW 27 A (104.0)
14  4
Not Launched
SBRyan Berry
JS1c EVO (111.0)
Not Launched
TJTim Jenkinson
ASH 31 Mi (115.0)
Not Launched

Speeds are based on reported start and finish times and handicap/windicap. Distances are based on reported L/O coordinates & TPs and are windicapped

Points are based on the current situation, assuming that all gliders still flying will finish
For AATs all Speeds and Distances assume that you turn the turnpoint rather than the sector - in the case of sectors that don't cover the turnpoint they will be incorrect.
If your information is incorrect please contact control to have it corrected.
Fastest possible speeds are calculated based on the glider finishing at the time this page was reloaded. They don't display over 130kph

click on the markers to see where the glider landed out