Blue Day 9: Flight Analysis

LBZ-Leighton Buzzard NE, BNW-Bicester North West, NORman Cross, NPT-Newport Pagnall, DUNstable Airfield (210)

Regionals / AAT, Contest Wind 270 degs/5 kts Y distance = 120.0 km Day Speed Points = 667, Day Distance Points = 333

PosPilotGlideractualavg climb (knots)avg climb (ft)height lost in climb% thermalavg glide ratioavg glide (km)avg straight (knots)
173 Rhoan BirchASW28 (15m)102.4 kph3.264480.12%35%40.310.880.1
2803 Alex HippelDiscus (15m)86.8 kph2.573240.2%38.2%46.87.974.5
3HCQ Malcolm BirchStd. Libelle (15m)78.5 kph3.204920.07%30.3%39.811.462.8
4LGC Peter HurdDuo Discus (20m)89.7 kph3.024420.08%30.4%50.812.670.3
5347 Geoff GlazebrookLS6 (15m)87.8 kph2.274710.1%37.2%45.713.174.5
6721 Matthew HallLS6 (15m)87.8 kph2.965320.11%36.8%3912.376.3
7JW Andy ZuchoraLS8 (15m)83.8 kph2.052870.16%39.1%457.852.0
8603 Nigel PerrenDiscus (15m-w)79.8 kph2.314950.12%44.3%38.110.576.7
9H4 Paul WhippASW28 (15m)80.9 kph2.454040.23%38.9%39.99.571.4
10S4L Sally WalkerLS4 (15m)75.9 kph2.956230.07%35.6%3913.568.2
11LC William ParkerDiscus (15m)73.0 kph2.636430.06%39.5%35.613.465.8
12795 Paul CandlerLS7 (15m-w)72.2 kph2.265350.13%43.6%34.611.169.7
13SI Rupert PuritzDuo Discus (20m)73.0 kph2.285190.2%39.2%41.313.372.1
H/CO8 Liam BennettASW15 (15m)44.9 kph1.482420.29%52.9%29.84.560.2

Flight information has been taken from the IGC files. It's just for fun! To sort columns click on the column name - clicking a second time will change the sort order. Pilots with no information displayed probably didn't fly far enough to produce useful information, or scored penalty points.

It is only accuracte if the IGC file has a sufficiently high sample rate - for example if it logs every 6 seconds. Competitors with statistics in light grey have loggers which have insufficent information to accurately calculate statistics. In addition, some loggers show a lot of GPS jitter - these will throw up spurious thermals.

These stats are just for fun!