430: Stefan Astley

Nimbus 2b (G-DEKW)
Pure Glider
Wingspan: 20.3m
Handicap: 106.0 


Of 2 thermals, were only one turn. 2 were to the right and were to the left.
On average each thermal was 0.8 minutes, and resulted in a -148 foot height gain.
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Flight Segments

StartDurationTypestart heightheight changedistance turnsKnots Dist/Time
13:54:2400:40right752-297.9 ft1-7.4 kts
13:55:0403:24straight454-105.0ft0.5 km15:1
13:58:2800:52right3492.3 ft10 kts
13:59:2002:40straight351-6.6ft0.2 km89:1